USSEA Level I Skateboard Certification

 Our goal is to empower skateboard instructors to deliver a consistently safer, easier, and more exciting and engaged learning experience. We focus our certified instructors on developing relationships that last a lifetime, building learning pathways that enable their students to achieve their goals at a pace that makes sense for the individual, while making good decisions in the learning process to promote safety. Through careful training and innovative methodology, we work to inspire skateboard instructors to pursue professionalism, creativity, and compassion to help their students.

 The certification process takes a multifaceted approach to fully educating and evaluating candidates. We start with a written test to ensure that they have a basic understanding of the sport and what it takes to teach it. Then we move into intensive training both in the classroom and in the skate park to drive home the importance of the concepts and skills being evaluated. Finally, we work with the candidates to show their ability to perform in front of their peers and our examiners in all evaluated categories.  

 Using USSEA as a baseline for your instructors’ training will help ensure that your staff are capable and inspired, that they evaluate safety and risk routinely, they deliver empowering and inspiring lesson experiences for their students, and can make the learning process fun for the student and their family. Skilled and happy skateboard instructors can have an incredibly powerful impact on the lives of their students and we work to help you and your staff achieve this outcome.


The Exam

Candidates are evaluated in several key categories:

  • Safety practices

  • Creating connections with students

  • Demonstration of skills within the level I teaching progression

  • Teaching methodology

  • Progression building

  • Movement analysis and feedback

  • Technical understanding

  • Professional knowledge of the industry

  • Science of fun in learning

  • Lesson organization and Group management

  • Managing student and parent expectations


Written test (online)

  • To be completed and passed prior to taking the in-person exam

  • Will evaluate aspects of all exam categories


Exam duration

  • 2 day of training, education and evaluation

  • Examiners will help candidates develop their overall skill as instructors

  • Candidates will need to demonstrate knowledge of course material, teaching skills and ability to demonstrate basic skateboard skills

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