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Learn to Skate™ (LTS)

USSEA is committed to empowering people by developing life changing connections through skateboard education.  We offer comprehensive programming and training to enable skatepark operators, municipalities and skateboarding schools carefully designed tools that promote risk reduction for users and staff, intuitive learning facilities, and teaching methodologies. Simply put: we help make skateboarding safer, easier, and more fun to learn for everyone.


 Our LTS™ system is available through partner programs.

 USSEA Learn to Skate Center™ Partner program includes:

·     S.K.A.T.E. Safe branding– A safety initiative dedicated to improving the communication of safety and best practices at skate parks and all other facets of skateboarding. This is the first and most important step to ensuring families can enjoy skateboarding together in your parks and programs.

·     Program development– We will help you develop successful products that ensure amazing learning experiences.

·     Teaching methodology and tools– We provide an in-depth approach to learning each step of skateboarding to new and novice skaters.  This approach uses methodology developed and refined over the course of almost 3 decades of teaching by our head trainer.  Next we teach your staff how to set up a learning environment that is focused on safety and fun.  Then we help source specific learning tools that will enhance the learning experience for new skaters dramatically.  

·     Staff training and certification– Our trainers can come on site and perform multifaceted in-house training for your staff. Then we can provide an opportunity for your team to be tested to become Certified Professional Skateboard Educators. 

·     Certified Skatepark Designs– We work with top skate park developers to design LTS™ parks that are specifically laid out to help create a simple and intuitive learning progression for any user.  This ensures that your programs also have a clear road map to create safer and more successful beginner experiences.  


We look forward to working with you and your team to empower families in your community through skateboarding!