Member Plans


Basic Membership - $20/yr

Open to any individual who wants to support our mission of helping people more safely and effectively learn to skateboard, and/or skateboard enthusiasts looking to advance their skills. This membership connects you with our Educator Members. You have access to our message board where you can ask advice and even upload videos or pictures of your tricks in order to seek tips and pointers to advance your skills. Being a member of the USSEA community also opens you to learning workshops and educational opportunities periodically announced by our incredible staff of educators.

This membership level works for parents who are supporting a learning child, as well as does the Educator Membership option.

Educator Icon -grey.jpg

Educator Membership (recurring) - $50/yr

Open to individuals who teach or are interested in teaching. This membership gives educators access to the message board where educators share tips and stories of successes and pitfalls within their programs so that the community can learn together the best approaches to advancing the sport.

This membership level is also a requirement and prerequisite for any individuals seeking coaching accreditations or certifications, and opens the member to educational opportunities and workshops periodically announced by our amazing USSEA staff.

*also good for parents who wish to support a learning child with extra teaching tools and resources.

This member plan renews automatically on anniversary of sign up. 

Educator Icon (single) -grey.jpg

Educator Membership - $60/yr

This membership level is the same as the above Educator Membership, but with an alternative payment plan. This member plan must be renewed manually by March 1st each year in order to stay current.

ORG Memebr Icon.jpg

Organization Membership - $99/yr

This membership option is for Industry insiders- from municipalities and skate schools to retailers and program developers working in partnership with USSEA in our educational and safety programs. This membership level is specifically designed to give maximum access to all of our research, expertise and hands-on support in building and implementing the necessary scaffolding for the most carefully designed safety measures in order to protect both the organizations and the public that they serve against any undue or unnessesary (avoidable) damages. This membership level also gives access to our LTS™ (Learn to Skate) system, which ensures a successful learning experience for students from day one, in the event that an organization wants to implement classes and wants support with programming by licensing our successful curriculum.