Why should your organization work with USSEA?


Are you responsible for a skatepark or learning program?

We offer services to help make your park safer, and offer support in more effective use of your park. We hear complaints that skateparks can be too dangerous and that the way they are used is intimidating to some of the younger crowd. Our S.K.A.T.E. SAFE program focuses on these concerns, and is available through USSEA’s membership services.

And if an unfortunate accident were to occur at your park, showing that you had taken these extra safety measures at your park can make a huge difference in liability.


Are you getting the most out of your park or program?

If you are running programs or would like to, our LTS™ (Learn to Skate) program can be licensed for an optimal and safety-focused learning experience that helps to create a better level of awareness of self and environment in the learner, building life-long habits of respect for safety and environmental conscientiousness.

Offering lessons and/or skateboard camps at your park is the best way to get the most out of your investment. This is the best way to build a sense of responsibility and community among the skaters that use your park by setting an example with your teaching and getting the skaters invested in how the park is best used, part etiquette, and in developing a sense of pride in their progress. Through LTS, USSEA offers to its members the use of tested and proven programming that has this exact aim in mind. Whether you are already offering lessons and would like to see how our lesson-planning can supplement the good work you’re already doing, or if you see the value in programming and would like to implement our ready-to-go programs and let it do the work for you, our Learn To Skate (LTS™) System is ready-made to deliver a positive experience.


USSEA’s member program for Organizations gives access to these services along with providing you access to program and safety consultations, as well as our members board where you can seek qualified and certified coaches in support of your own park programs, so that your park can thrive.