The S.K.A.T.E. SAFE initiative is designed to promote safety and respect when skateboarding in public, and specifically with regard to skate park etiquette. We have broken down some key, basic rules for etiquette and safety into a simple acronym so that the rules are easy to understand, easy to remember, and most importantly, easy to follow.

Our S.K.A.T.E. SAFE services are available through our partner program for organizations.

We have developed eye-catching safety signage promoting this message to be displayed at skate parks, or wherever safety and etiquette when skateboarding can be promoted.


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why safety signage?

In a comprehensive study on Skateboard related injuries, the American Academy of Pediatrics determined that skateboard-related injuries account for an estimated 50,000 emergency department visits and 1500 hospitalizations among children and adolescents in the United States each year. 

The use of skateparks can help dramatically to cut down these numbers by providing a space for skateboarding, keeping skateboarders out of traffic and on specially designed terrain, but providing the space for skateboarding does not guarantee that the space will be used safely. There is a heightened risk of injury at parks when a skater does not possess an appropriate level of awareness of self, and when park etiquette is not in place which otherwise would allow people to share the park with awareness of each other. Our SKATE Safe signage is a much-needed solution so that skaters can be on the same page, and to have a basis for understanding appropriate progression in order to use the park safely.

More about the skate safe initiative

Our goal is simple. We want to increase safety awareness in skateboarding, help people learn to skate using safer methodology, and help skaters of all abilities understand how to use and enjoy skateparks to the fullest.  We believe that skateboarding is a healthy activity for families to engage in and for children to experience. SKATE Safe is a proactive approach to informing parents and skaters that we believe will help reduce injuries and help people understand that skateboarding doesn't have to be learned the hard way.

Skateboarding has developed some very negative, and in many cases inaccurate, stigmas that have turned people away from the activity.  Due to general lack of clear common sense guidelines, an understanding of safe places to learn the basics, and simplified learning progressions it can be very hard to introduce a child to skateboarding in an effective and positive way.  Navigating the pitfalls of learning how to ride a skateboard and then how to interact with other skaters and safely navigate learning spots and skateparks can be a daunting experience for a parent introducing their child to the activity or for a new skater trying to find their own way.  

It is our mission to make it easy for families and individual skaters to engage confidently and find a passion for skateboarding safely.  

How we do it

SKATE Safe provides a very simple and informative tool kit to help people learn where to start, which steps to take first, and how to navigate their skateboarding experience in a safer way.  The Skatepark sign simplifies the message of safety and smart practices. While the video (coming soon) gives a more in depth understanding of the concepts. enables users to follow and find updated information and ideas to support safety as a proactive part of the skateboard experience.  In doing so we believe we can help people learn to skate with fewer injuries and follow a far less scary, painful, and frustrating learning experience.

The 3 keys to a great learning experience

  • Awareness 

    • The Skatepark sign simplifies the message of safety and smart practices.  

    • The video (coming soon) gives a more in depth understanding of the concepts.  

    • USSEA.US enables users to follow and find updated information and ideas to support safety as a proactive part of the skateboard experience.

  • Education

    • USSEA Learn To Skate (LTS™) methodology simplifies the most important aspects of learning from how to set up a safe learning environment to the first step on the board to the first time dropping in to the park.

    • LTS™ Video series (coming soon) breaks down the first steps of skating into a slow and easy to follow approach to learning balance on and riding a skateboard.

    • USSEA “how to teach skateboarding” E-learning course (coming soon)  helps parents and individuals understand how to create a positive and low-fear learning environment while teaching their children or friends how to get started on a skateboard

  • Environment

    • USSEA LTS™ Skateparks are designed specifically to support learning.

    • LTS™ learning  features in these parks are smaller and lower intensity and specifically laid out to support a simple progression from the first step on the skateboard to learning how to flow all the unique features found in skateparks.

    • USSEA LTS™ skatepark certification is focused on identifying how a municipalitie’s skateparks can support new to novice skaters, and point out areas of opportunity to grow their skateparks and engage a larger cross section of their local community.

    • USSEA LTS™ programming and training are designed to help municipalities offer safer and simpler learning experiences for their community.

How to help grow and promote this

Moving forward we aim to work with Enthusiasts and professionals in all aspects of the skateboard industry along with medical professionals and experts to ensure that the skateboard industry provides innovative pathways to safely learn skateboarding and participate for life.  We are currently developing partnerships with amazing people and businesses who are passionate about fostering the growth of new opportunities for people to find skateboarding. This initiative is a critical step toward successful growth of the skateboard industry and is a call to action to promote clear and positive pathways for all to engage in skateboarding at all levels

We are more than happy to talk further about this with you and discuss how we can partner together to make your parks safer for skaters of all levels.