The S.K.A.T.E. SAFE initiative is designed to promote safety and respect when skateboarding in public, and specifically with regard to skate park etiquette. We have broken down some key, basic rules for etiquette and safety into a simple acronym so that the rules are easy to understand, easy to remember, and most importantly, easy to follow.

Start Simple.png

-Wear a helmet, easy skills first

Know your limits.png

-Progress with caution

Always have a plan.png

 -Skate with a purpose, think it through 

Take a look.png

-Inspect the area for other skaters, hazards and obstacles

Earn respect.png

-Understand how others use the park, wait your turn.


We have developed eye-catching safety signage promoting this message to be displayed at skate parks, or wherever safety and etiquette when skateboarding can be promoted. Contact us to find out how to have one of our signs installed at your park.