USSEA is a non-profit dedicated to helping people safely learn to skateboard by providing quality learning resources to our members.


 Empowering instructors to deliver a consistently safer, easier, and more exciting and engaged learning experience.

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Learn to Skate

Our LTS™ system is a comprehensive skateboard learning program optimally designed to deliver a successful class from day one.

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We have a Basic Membership for people who wish to support our cause, Educator Membership for skateboard instructors, or those wanting specifically to access teaching materials, and soon will have an Organizational Membership for any organization offering skateboard learning services.

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S.K.A.T.E. SAFE™ is our safety awareness program that encourages good habits world-wide, so that you can skate at full capacity and confidence by avoiding injury.

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Your donation will support USSEA’s mission to help more people to more safely learn to skateboard, creating more accessibility to learning opportunities.

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