We are a nonprofit whose mission is to help coaches and youth organizations acquire skills, knowledge, and best practices that will allow them to more safely and effectively teach beginner skateboarding.

Empowering educators, students and communities


 We offer extensive tools and resources to teach skateboarding safely and effectively, as well as an all-inclusive model for beginner courses for those interested. We give skateboard educators opportunity for continued advancement of their coaching skills with higher levels of accreditation. 

 USSEA provides grants for at-risk youth to learn skateboarding -building bridges to connect youth in a shared experience of physical activity, setting and achieving goals, pride in accomplishment, and participation in a community, providing support and engagement.

  The certification that we provide is appropriate on both an individual level and a staff level; whether you’re an independent coach looking to maximize your potential, or running a skateboard program and wanting to maximize your program’s potential while minimizing risk. Using USSEA as a baseline for your instructors’ training will help ensure that your staff are capable and inspired, that they evaluate safety and risk routinely, they deliver empowering and inspiring lesson experiences for their students, and can make the learning process fun for the student and their family. Skilled and happy skateboard instructors can have an incredibly powerful impact on the lives of their students and we work to help you and your staff achieve this outcome.

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